J Salez and Moises Franco

Hello everybody! Did you enjoyed these crazy updates? Good for you! We wanna keep you close so we are bringing to you more hot stuff every single day! Today here at Jalif Studio you will have the chance to watch J and Moises in a crazy new experience for them! It was a very crazy day when these two fellas stayed home cause there was a traffic jam like no other and they did pretty good cause everyone was staying in that hot sun in those heated cars! Well, they did not have anything better to do than to fuck! Let’s have a look at what these two bearded guys had in mind for this very hot day!

These fellas took advantage of the fact that there was no one else in the house and took their cocks out and began to rub each other! Soon after that this guy began to piss all over the place so this dude opened his mouth to taste that delicious piss! As he really enjoyed these kind of stuff, he swallowed it immediately and he was also asking for more from where this came from! If you liked this crazy session and you wanna see some more kinky stuff, all you gotta do to watch it entirely is to join our community and you will have access to even more hot stuff! See you soon! If you wanna see some hairy men in hardcore gay sex scenes, visit the http://hotoldermale.us/ site!


Take a look at these guys drinking each other’s piss!